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SecureStack Base Images

Hardened operating systems that protect you and help you meet compliance requirements

SecureStack Base Images

Our SecureStack Base images are pre-hardened operating systems that you can provision with our platform.  Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS and Windows Server images that you can use to build all your infrastructure.  Know that you are starting with a secure foundation.

What’s in our SecureStack Base images?

We build our Base images with automation using the CIS benchmarks and build specifications.  We then add a second layer of custom hardening that dives deep into SELinux and the Windows kernel and registry.   Security controls built into the Base images can be orchestrated using our SecureCloud & Enterprise solutions.

Hardened Operating Systems

We start with CIS level 1

Our Base images are hardened using the CIS level 1 specifications. We then add our own second layer of security making our images more flexible and secure than a standard CIS build. 

Centralized Logging & Aggregation

Automatic SIEM Integration

Base images you provision can talk to your SecureCloud or Enterprise solutions.  Data starts flowing to the logging service from the second a Base machine comes alive giving bad guys no chance to infiltrate before you start the logging. .

Security Baked Right In

Tools built-in and integrated from day one

Our “Platform-Security-as-a-Service” means tools like anti-virus, MFA, firewall, WAF, and more all come already integrated. That means you don’t have to spend valuable time getting them to work. We’ve done it for you.

SecureStack offers Linux and Windows Server Base images