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Our platform lets you build secure environments in the cloud and embed security into your application development easily.

Build once. Secure once. Deploy anywhere.

What is CloudBuilder?

DevSecOps Collaboration

Security Teams can finally enforce security policy, operations teams can expose just the portions of the cloud they need, and the developers get portable, consistent and secure environments that let them get on with their jobs.

Portable & Secure Environments

Once your teams have created their individual parts our collaboration engine combines those parts together automatically to create all inclusive and portable environments that you can deploy to the multi-cloud

Service Catalog for Security

Create "Products" in SecureCloud and share them with the users or teams in your organization that need access to those applications and environments. Does your marketing team require a CMS? You can easily create a secure version of Wordpress or Drupal and then share it to that team. Developers have container applications that they need to deploy to the cloud? Define the application requirements in a Blueprint and add that to the Product, then assign access to those developers. Done!

Enable Secure Workloads

Plug SecureCloud directly into your CI/CD build pipelines to add security and reporting automatically. Any compute or containerized workloads can benefit significantly from our security orchestration.

Security Automation

CloudBuilder automates security services, sovereignity, compliance frameworks and more across your cloud environments using policies you create. Cloud native controls like security groups, IAM and VPCs can be bundled with host based controls like intrusion detection, MFA, ssh keys, firewalls and more.


Our Blueprints technology lets you create portable customizations for your environments. Use Blueprints to deploy your application and all its dependencies automatically. Anything that your users need to make their environments work can be defined in a Blueprint.

Security data and insights delivered effortlessly

Everything that you build with CloudBuilder will automatically send its security alerts and events to your SIEM.  Your teams won't have to waste time hunting down misconfigured servers, or rogue servers via shadow IT.  Your build specifications and tooling will be automatically handled by SecureStack.

So, not only do we make you more secure, but we save you money too.

Welcome to CloudBuilder

For the first time you can build the same secure servers in AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure using SecureStack’s native cloud provisioning.  No more special snowflakes that you can’t turn off because no one knows how to build it again. Everything you build with CloudBuilder is hardened to CIS Level 1 specifications.

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