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Visibility, Controls & Remediation

Get continuous compliance that's built in to everything you manage with SecureStack automatically.

You can't protect what you can't see

87% of cloud users reported that lack of visibility is masking significant security issues in their organization.

  • Asset management is difficult in cloud environments
  • Overly permissive access is systemic so rogue IT is common
  • Cloud infrastructure is fragmented, with many teams owning different parts of it. Standardization across these chiefdoms is difficult.
  • Cloud native monitoring and metrics are not sufficient

We work with all security frameworks

SecureStack is 'Compliance as Code'. We let you select one or many security frameworks within our GuardRails domain which we will then enforce the appropriate controls in anything you apply that GuardRail to. We will also audit and collect data relative to those controls.

SecureStack supports CIS, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, APRA CPS 234 and the Australian ISM.

Compliance is biggest hurdle in cloud security

Security teams say that compliance is their biggest challenge. Compliance in the cloud is hard because:

  • Many companies rely on traditional data center model, which doesn't work in the cloud
  • Operational Inconsistency. Nothing looks the same.
  • Ignorance about who owns the security responsibility: "AWS secures it for me, right?"
  • Complex dependency and vendor chain
  • Cloud native monitoring and metrics are not sufficient

SecureStack's compliance automation is a game changer

CloudBuilder allows you to define multiple compliance objectives which the platform then enforces.

  • Security compliance frameworks
  • Sovereignty by region, country or business location
  • Application and security data automtically collected
  • Security tools and appliations you've already purchased

Automation creates visibility

Any compute or managed service you build with SecureStack automatically talks to your SIIP service. Data starts flowing to the logging service from the second a machine comes online giving bad guys no chance to infiltrate before you start the logging. Those logs are sent immediately in real time via an encrypted channel. Even if hackers delete the logs on the compromised server, you still have all the evidence of their activity.

Compliance dashboards built in

We provide dashboards for PCI-DSS, CIS, NIST CSF, SCAP and more. Our custom logic and search functions will gather the relevant compliance data from the managed compute and send it to those dashboards automatically.

Automate controls in the cloud and endpoints

SecureStack is the only solution that allows you to define and automate controls in the cloud providers as well as the resources you run in those clouds.

Cloud providers: Security groups, ACLs, disk encryption, snapshots, MFA, IAM, VPC/subnets, cloud provider logs and auditing

Endpoint and Operating Systems: User access, OS hardening, vulnerability scanning, host firewalls, ssh keys, and endpoint agents & protection.

Asset Management for the cloud

SecureStack automatically pulls all inventory from the connected cloud accounts in AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure. Our innovative technology learns and explores the resources in those accounts and identifies websites, applications and domains that also need to be managed.

Visibility from cloud & endpoints combined & enriched

All the security events and data coming out of the cloud accounts you use as well as all the resources and servers in those accounts are all ingested by our SIIP service. Our intelligence engine finds underlying security threats and alerts you and in many cases offers a remediation.