DevSecOps Platform | SecureStack


Development, security and operations teams can work together collaboratively to build standardized, scalable and secure applications.

Our Collaboration Platform

CloudBuilder allows you to manage the security of your cloud environments in a brand new way. Security teams can build policy around sovereignty, security controls and frameworks like CIS, NIST and PCI. Operations teams can integrate whatever portions of the cloud they want at the account, VPC or application level. Finally, developers can create rich and complex development environments that are secure by design. DevSecOps realized!

SecureStack is DevSecOps

We've built the first DevSecOps collaborative environment for your teams to build secure applications and environments. Our Blueprints and Products technologies make it easy to give your customers the resources in the cloud they require.

Role Based Access for your Teams

CloudBuilder let's you map your internal development, security and operations teams to functionality inside our platform.

Developers can create and manage their own Blueprints

Security teams can create and manage security policies via Profiles

Operations teams can create and manage cloud accounts, networking, application access and more.

Security as Code

CloudBuilder automates security services, sovereignity, compliance frameworks and more across your cloud environments using policies you create. Cloud native controls like security groups, IAM and VPCs can be bundled with host based controls like intrusion detection, MFA, ssh keys, firewalls and more.

Immutable & portable builds

Our Blueprints technology lets you create portable customizations for your environments. Use Blueprints to deploy your application and all its dependencies automatically. Anything that your users need to make their environments work can be defined in a Blueprint.