SecureCloud | SecureStack


Security orchestration for your cloud infrastructure.   Easy.

Multi-cloud orchestration lets you build secure services in the cloud & get security alerts effortlessly.  Our motto:

“Build once, deploy everywhere”

Cloud Provisioning

Provision SecureStack Base images directly from SecureCloud. No more special snowflakes and instances that you can’t turn off because no one knows how to build it again. With our native cloud provisioning, all your instances will be protected by the SecureStack Security Intelligence Platform

Automated Services

SecureStack manages your SIEM, system monitoring, auditing, backup and vulnerability assessment services for you, automatically.

Security Orchestration

SecureStack orchestrates security services across your cloud servers using rules and logic you create:
MFA, firewall, IDS, IPS, centralized logging, system monitoring, backups and a whole lot more.

Want to apply WAF and firewall rules for any approved web server build?  No worries, SecureStack handles it for you automatically.

We Empower DevSecOps Teams

For the first time your security, operations and development teams can address their own individual requirements using one single solution: SecureCloud.

The SecureStack Security Intelligence Platform

SecureStack Base

Hardened operating systems

Our SecureStack Base images are pre-hardened Linux & Windows Server operating systems. Pick and choose what built in security tools to enable. Automatically talks to SIIPServer.


Centralized logging and SIEM

Acts as the central logging server and provides web based SIEM. Automatically manages and provisions SecureStack Base images in the cloud.


Hybrid solution for the data centre and VMware

Want to manage your VMware, on-premise, and data centre and legacy infrastructure? SecureStack Enterprise has you covered. Best of all, you manage it all from one platform.

Explore our SIEM

Dashboards and search made easy!  Everything you build with SecureStack sends its security alerts and events to our SIEM automatically.  No more having to configure centralized logging and forwarding for all your instances.  SecureStack does it for you.
Our web-based SIEM allows you to see and interact with your security data, mitigations and history. It comes with more than 200 visualisations and dashboards out of the box.