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Service Catalog for Security

Give your internal customers the resources they need in the cloud, but know what they consume will be secure by design and have the guard rails that you require in place.

The applications your business needs + security guardrails

= SecureStack CloudBuilder

The business is constantly pushing the boundaries

Business units and developers are constantly demanding new services and applications from your IT staff. The business wants speed to market so in response the IT teams deployed a "Service Catalog" to provide centralized access to these applications and to provide a way to make future services available to many different types of customers.

But are those applications secure?

CloudBuilder provides a "Secure Application Service Catalog"

  • Self Service web portal
  • Central repository of business and IT services
  • Secure by design
  • All deployments will be integrated into your existing security tools

Role Based Access for your Teams

Dave and Amelia in Marketing need a WordPress environment? No worries! Simply add them to the WordPress Product and they immediately get to provision and manage that new resource.

Leverage our pre-built Blueprints

You can create your own custom Blueprints or use our pre-built and secure versions that include Joomla, Silverstripe, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Docker, IIS, Nginx and yes, WordPress.

Simplified Deployment

Your customers get their own CloudBuilder portal that allows them to interact with their inventory only. They can manage their own assets, but can't see any one else's.

Enable Secure Workloads

Export your CloudBuilder Products and use them in existing CI/CD pipelines to add security and reporting automatically.

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