Wish you could build the same secure servers in AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure?

Multi-cloud orchestration lets you build secure services in the cloud.  Our motto:

“Build once, deploy everywhere”

Security Orchestration

SecureStack orchestrates security services your cloud servers using rules and logic you create:
MFA, firewall, IDS, logging, backups and a whole lot more.

Automated Services

SecureStack manages your SIEM, audit, backup and vulnerability assessment services for you, automatically.

Cloud Provisioning

Provision SecureStack Base images directly from your SIPServer. No more special snowflakes and instances that you can’t turn off because no one knows how to build it again. With our native cloud provisioning, all your instances will be protected by the SecureStack Security Intelligence Platform.

Explore our SIEM

Explore our SIEM
Dashboards and search made easy
Our web-based SIEM allows you to see and interact with your security data, mitigations and history. It comes with more than 200 visualisations and dashboards out of the box.