Secure Standard Operating Environments (SOE) | SecureStack

Secure Standard Operating Environments (SOE)

Standardized, portable, repeatable and secure environments available to your teams, at scale.

Are your current golden images secure?

How old are those images and how often are you patching them? How often are you scanning those images for vulnerabilities or old software? If a customer asks for a new environment how long does it take to create one for them?

What's the risk to your organization from these old static images?

SecureStack protects against these mistakes

CloudBuilder combines multiple features into one portable environment automatically

  • Hardened operating systems
  • Embedded security policies
  • PCI-DSS, CIS and NIST compliance
  • Sovereignty per region, country or business location
  • Hardened cloud native components
  • Integrated security controls
  • Application hardening
  • Dynamic user and group access

Deliver projects faster

Our automation saves your teams time and energy as our Products combine all the things that your teams need in a standard environment. Using traditional methods to build new golden images and then integrating all the security tooling to make it secure would take days or longer. With CloudBuilder you can build brand new SOE's in less than 5 minutes.

Our technology is battle tested

The SecureStack platform is helping to protect startups, government and the backbone of the Australian internet. Our partners include NTT Global, The Missing Link, AUCloud, AWS and Microsoft.

See how the SecureStack platform simplifies building SOE's

Our patented process embeds cloud native components, endpoint configuration, security tools and a whole lot more into one all inclusive "Product" which you can then deploy anywhere: AWS, GCP, Azure or VMware.