Yes you heard that right, we’ve listened to our MSP and enterprise customers who wanted us to publish a SecureStack Windows Base image to round out our noticeably Linux heavy offerings. Now the same security and flexibility they’ve been enjoying with our Linux images is available to them for Windows Server 2016. This includes the same intrusion detection and other security controls they’ve been using to successfully secure their environments. So, Windows Servers will plug right into existing SecureStack Enterprise deployments. You can build your applications and servers on top of our SecureStack Base images and use them anywhere in the world.

SecureStack has supported Windows servers for a while now via our agent, but customers wanted an actual image that had been hardened and tested like our Linux images had been. They wanted security tooling built into the image and automatic integration just like we have in the Linux products. So we delivered a CIS level 1 hardened image that still lets you build what you need to.

Our Windows Server images are available now to SecureStack Enterprise and SecureCloud customers. You can read more about our Base images here.