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I make it really simple to get app security right.

Bloodhound by SecureStack identifies security and availability gaps and helps fix them with every git push – without you needing to be a security expert.

Your Security Scanning And Solution Finding Canine Sleuth.

Bloodhound hunts gaps in security and availability and offers targeted solutions.

Bloodhound embeds security automatically with every git push

With triggers in your CI/CD pipeline, Bloodhound can check for common security issues and stop those issues from getting into your applications.

Let Us Revolutionise Your Development Process:

Web Application Analysis

We built our technology to test every facet of your application security looking for things like missing security controls, are you using encryption correctly; we test the efficacy of your WAF and are your cloud native components secure and more than 250 other data points. All of that delivered in less than 60 seconds.

Map the Application Attack Surface & View Your Assets

See what a hacker can see when they view your applications.

Audit Cloud Dependencies & Resources

Deep dive into the architecture of your web applications.

Identify Differences Between Your Environments

Test and compare your development, staging and production environments to quickly find critical differences and understand ways to fix high priority defects.

Monitor Via Your Dashboard

We help you decompose your web application so you are aware of all the resources your app is using behind the scenes.

Embed Fixes Into Your Existing CI/CD Processes

With triggers in the CI/CD pipeline, different environments are constantly being observed and compared.

Access Insights & Solutions

Gain deeper insights around why a specific control is important and how our guardrails will guide you and help your application be more secure.

Track Changes With Every Git Push

Understanding the broad effects and the on-going changes is hard. Bloodhound makes it easy to track with every git push if your application is net-better or net-worse than the previous version.

How is Bloodhound Different?

Made By Developers - For Developers

Bloodhound is the world’s first security platform built by developers, for developers.

Boost your development velocity

Continuous improvement to achieve a faster time to business and shrink your app attack surface by up to 70%.

Easily embed our unique git-centric tools

Into your existing development processes.

Asset discovery and attack surface mapping

Find and fix vulnerabilities, fast and without you needing to become a security expert.

Achieve peace of mind

Provide a sanity check on your deployment.

Test and compare your development, staging and production environments

To quickly find critical differences and understand ways to fix high priority defects.

Platforms We Work With:

Launch Bloodhound using our API with any of the industry-leading platforms.

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