Simple Software Supply Chain Security

Multiple security tools integrated into one comprehensive solution


Deliver security across the whole software supply chain


SecureStack sniffs out problems in your software development lifecycle:



Credentials, vulnerable software libraries, web vulnerabilities, and cloud misconfigurations


SecureStack supports the tools your teams are already using

Build your DevSecOps success story with the SecureStack platform

With our git integration, and triggers in your CI/CD pipeline, SecureStack can check for common security issues and stop those issues from getting into your applications.

Let Us Revolutionise Your Development Process:

Protect your SDLC from multiple types of threats

Every application starts with source code and SecureStack helps software engineers build security into their source code. How do we do that? Well we integrate into the developers local git environment and we help stop sensitive data and vulnerable software from getting into their shared repositories.

Continuously scan web apps

We test your web application as it runs and users interact with it. We identify security gaps like missing or misconfigured security controls, encryption issues and more than 250 other data points. All of that delivered in less than 60 second.

Find cloud misconfigurations

We find the cloud resources that your application is using and makes sure they are configured correctly and follow security best practices.

Code, cloud and app data are combined

Our unique insight engine uses data from these three data sources to build a complete understanding of how your application works and how to make it better, faster and more secure.

Our continuous compliance reporting helps you quantify your DevSecOps maturity

Our innovative continuous compliance reporting lets you know where you are and what specifically you need to do to get better.  We provide an accelerated way to DevSecOps success that let’s you reference the security compliance that you require:   ISO27001, SOC2, NIST 800, NIST SSDF, CIS, Australian ISM, APRA 234 and more.


How is SecureStack Different?

Made By Developers - For Developers

Bloodhound is the world’s first security platform built by developers, for developers.

Boost your development velocity

Continuous improvement to achieve a faster time to business and shrink your app attack surface by up to 70%.

Easily embed our unique git-centric tools

Into your existing development processes.

Asset discovery and attack surface mapping

Find and fix vulnerabilities, fast and without you needing to become a security expert.

Achieve peace of mind

Provide a sanity check on your deployment.

Test and compare your development, staging and production environments

To quickly find critical differences and understand ways to fix high priority defects.

SecureStack supports the tools your teams are already using

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