Software Bill of Materials


Address software supply chain risk with SBOM

What’s in your app?  SecureStack provides visibility by building your application SBOM automatically every time you deploy your application.  We analyze the application’s source code and public cloud stack and include all necessary components and licenses in the SBOM.  

SecureStack sniffs out all your app components and automatically builds comprehensive SBOMs


Our SBOMs are:

  • Automatable from CI/CD
  • Centrally stored & managed
  • Easily searchable, even across all of your apps

SecureStack SBOMs provide real business value

After struggling during the Log4j incident organizations need a way to quickly mitigate future supply chain risks.  SecureStack provides immediate business value by giving those orgs the ability to quickly identify where application components are and whether they are vulnerable.  We provide automated SBOM scanning and a built-in “SBOM Explorer” which acts as the central source of truth for application composition.


Automated SBOM technology

SecureStack makes it super easy to implement a successful SBOM program by automating the collection of data required to build SBOMs.  We do this using several unique scanning technologies.   The end result is you get SBOMs without having to spend weeks inspecting source code.

Native CI/CD integration & automation

SecureStack runs natively in your CI/CD pipeline and automates the creation of a SBOM with every deployment.  SecureStack supports GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, AWS CodeDeploy, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, and dozens of other platforms.


Know what’s really in your applications

Our platform helps your teams understand what is in your applications.  SecureStack analyzes source code, cloud stack, and third-party dependencies so you can know exactly what versions are running where.

Search your applications for specific components

Imagine if back in December 2021 when the Log4j vulnerabilities were published if you could quickly find out if you had a problem or not?  Imagine if you could simply query a centralized SBOM repository and find out where all log4j implementations were and what versions they were?  


SBOM centralized management

SecureStack gives your team a central place to store, manage and interact with your SBOMs.  You can download and interact with your SBOMs at any time, and if a partner or auditor wants verification that you are producing SBOMs you just point them to SecureStack.

How is SecureStack Different?

Made By Developers - For Developers

Bloodhound is the world’s first security platform built by developers, for developers.

Boost your development velocity

Continuous improvement to achieve a faster time to business and shrink your app attack surface by up to 70%.

Easily embed our unique git-centric tools

Into your existing development processes.

Asset discovery and attack surface mapping

Find and fix vulnerabilities, fast and without you needing to become a security expert.

Achieve peace of mind

Provide a sanity check on your deployment.

Test and compare your development, staging and production environments

To quickly find critical differences and understand ways to fix high priority defects.

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