SecureStack is excited to announce that we now support Azure DevOps through the use of our native Azure Pipelines templates!

SecureStack provides comprehensive security coverage with our brand-new Azure DevOps integration.  Our customers asked us to support Azure DevOps so we’ve delivered!  You can now generate a custom pipeline template document right from the SecureStack SaaS web portal and copy that directly into an Azure pipeline and have it work.  No changing it to work or customization is necessary.  Just drop it in and it runs!

One Pipeline: Complete security coverage

SecureStack provides complete coverage for your Azure DevOps Pipelines and the associated secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC).  As part of our native Azure DevOps Pipeline workflows we provide:

  • Secrets and sensitive scanning
  • Scanning for vulnerable third-party or open-source libraries
  • Dynamic application security testing for any web or API endpoints
  • Scanning for misconfiguration in your public cloud resources
  • Asset discovery and attack surface mapping for your public assets

Once all those tests pass, SecureStack will package up a software bill of materials (SBOM) for the application environment, and there you have it: Complete Security Coverage for your SDLC!


See how it works –>


Paul McCarty

Founder of SecureStack

DevSecOps evangelist, entrepreneur, father of 3 and snowboarder

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