Did you hear? This week we were named by Forbes as one of the top 20 cybersecurity startups to watch in 2021!

As the only startup on the list helping developers find security and scalability gaps in their web apps, we are extremely humbled and excited for the incredible recognition.

Our commitment to you, developers, in 2021 and beyond, is to offer more ways to fix those security and scalability gaps without you needing to become security experts.

Check out the full article here and gear up for a big year ahead!

Meet your new best friend: Security scanner and solution finder, Bloodhound by SecureStack.

Made by developers for developers

We democratise access to security scanning but this is just a starting point—scanning alone does not solve security problems. Another product that allows you to throw problems over the fence to a siloed team will have no impact. 58% of security alerts are being neglected. (Do you believe that? 58%.) We facilitate smart and efficient remediation by not only flagging what needs to be fixed, but how to fix it. We prioritise action over reporting and security over compliance.

App security is complex, but that doesn’t mean the solution can’t be simple

We present code, infrastructure and tooling solutions that any developer can apply without having to be a security expert.

We facilitate building better applications by helping customers understand the many disparate components that make up their application, and giving them ways to embed security and scalability across it all. We provide solutions that are repeatable and automated at scale.

It’s all of our responsibility to get security right. We at SecureStack make getting security right easy.